Tour scenic attractions in Shigang, Taiwan

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) —The Shigang district in Taichung City boasts many attractions, most of which are easily accessible by bike.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, avoiding crowds and following social distancing guidelines are essential preventive measures for fending off the virus; engaging in outdoor activities, such as cycling, is an ideal way to get exercise and build up resistance against the disease. Shigang has a lot to offer the cooped up city dweller in these difficult times.

1. Dongfeng Bicycle Green Way (東豐自行車綠廊)
The Dongfeng Bicycle Green Way, a 12-km long bikeway, is the first rail trail built from an abandoned locomotive line in Taiwan. The tree-lined bikeway passes by the Shigang Dam, Zero Egg Platorm, Lovers’ Wooden Bridge, and Plum Station to reach Dongshih Hakka Cultural Park.

2. Dam (石岡水壩)
The Shigang Dam was designed and constructed by Taiwanese architects in 1974. The 275.5-meter dam straddles the Dajia River and provides water to farms, households, and factories in the city. A big lake is formed behind the dam, and it is especially picturesque when the water level is high.

3. Shigang Tuniu Hakka Culture Hall (石岡土牛客家文化館)
The Shigang Tuniu Hakka Culture Hall is a reconstruction of the Liu Family’s Compound in Shigang. The Hakka compound used to be the largest of the sort in the area, but it completely collapsed in the 921 Earthquake. Six years later, Tuniu Hakka Culture Hall was built on the site, replicating the original architecture.

4. Shigang Lovers' Wooden Bridge (石岡情人木橋)
The Lovers' Wooden Bridge, located in the Shi Shui Ke Leisure Agriculture Area (食水嵙休閒農業區), is 40 meters long and 3.5 meters wide. The wooden bridge has no supportive piers and was built using wooden bridge construction technology that can withstand magnitude 7 earthquakes. The bridge is the longest wooden bridge in the Far East in terms of span.

5. Jiufang community 3D color painted alleys (九房里3D彩繪巷)
Located near the Shigang District Office, the houses in the Jiufang community were painted with interesting 3D color paintings in order to vivify the street scenery. Visitors can follow the sign to walk through the alleys and admire a variety of colorful paintings, including characters in well-known fairy tales.

6. Dianhuozhen Ecological Trail (電火圳生態步道)
The Dianhuozhen Ecological Trail is a mountainside trail that runs along an irrigation ditch. The trail is flat, heavily shaded, and easy to walk. There are scenic lookouts along the way. The 2.5-kilometer path is rich in ecology and is a favorite place to stroll for many.


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